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Magician advertising creates killer press kits for magiciansThe Ultimate Press Kit!

With more and more talent buyers going online to look for and purchase talent for their events, the physical press kit as we know it is becoming less important.

Still, you need to have something to mail clients for follow-up and for those rare clients that prefer to go old school.

With so many ways to produce a press kit, what is the best way to go? You want to give a great impression but be affordable. It should be cheap to mail but contain everything a buyer would need. It should be small enough that you can carry a few around with you.

With all of these needs in mind we set out to create the ultimate press kit. We talked to booking agents and managers, corporate event planners, and review show producers to get their take on what they want to see in a press kit.

The common thread in these interviews was to make it quick and simple.

Based on all of the information we attained from these interviews, we came up with what we feel is the ultimate press kit.

The ultimate press kit consists of the following items:

  • A DVD case that holds all of the materials.
  • A DVD.
  • A DVD insert booklet that has the sales message, pictures, bio and other relevant information.

The great thing about this package is what you don’t see.

The DVD is not just a DVD. If you play the DVD in a regular DVD player you will see video just like a regular DVD. If you place the DVD in a computer you get something completely different. Of course you can see the video, but there is an option to view other materials. That’s where the value is. The other materials can include high resolution press pictures, a complete press kit in PDF format, technical riders, suggested stage layouts and just about any kind of information you need to communicate to your potential client.

We have essentially taken materials that would cost large sums of money to produce and digitized them.

The best thing about this kind of press kit is it only costs about $1.25 per unit. With traditional press kits, just the folder costs more than that.

Of course we can design any type of brochure or press kit you want but our clients have had great success with The Ultimate Press Kit.