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Magician marketing and magic business picture of a guy writingGrow your magic business with a customized magician marketing plan.

Our magician marketing plans are the fastest easiest way for magicians to have a live road map into growing their magic business.

Magician marketing plans give you everything to start  your magic business.

  • We help you define your customer
  • Develop your marketing message
  • Find new leads and customers
  • Forecast Sales
  • Schedule your public relation and advertising campaigns
  • Track your progress

Now you can have one of the most valuable tools for your magic business. Instead of blindly mailing out press kits or randomly implementing online campaigns, you can launch these campaigns with a purpose.

How a magician marketing plan can help your magic business?

Let’s say you want to grow your magic business by 25 percent this year. According to your magician marketing plan you have to generate an average of 50 new leads a month for your magic business. From these 50 new leads, you have to convert 5 of them to sales in order to grow your magic business by 25 percent.

Based on this information, the magician marketing plan shows you the activities needed to gain those new leads and sales. Activities may include an e-mail blast every month, place small ads in local magazines, a quota from web site forms, etc.

This data helps your magician marketing because you can analyze elements of your advertising that are broken in your magic business.

For example, If your website stats show 200 unique visitors a month and you are only getting an average of 5 or 6 visitors filling in your lead generation form then you know you have to try a new approach on your home page to capture those leads because this number is not meeting your quota.

We specialize in creating magician marketing campaigns for your magic business.

We know the magic business and create plans you can understand and follow. If you are a full time pro or a part timer wanting to go full time, we can help you create a practical approach to growing your magic business.

At our parent company Media Flow, we charge a minimum of $699.00 for similar plans. However, for a limited time we are offering magician marketing plans for your magic business at an incredible price $299.00. Depending on demand and the work involved we will raise this accordingly. to ensure you get your magician marketing plan at this low price, call us today at 866-668-2415.