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SEO efforts are paying off!
As many of you know we launched our magicians advertising site on February 28th. We built this site optimizing every single page for search engines.

Five days have gone by and while we have alot of work still do to we have been getting some great results.

As of this writing if you go to and type in these phrases the you will get the following results

Magician advertising We Rank #1

Magician Advertising Tips We rank #1

Websites advertising magicians We rank #1

Websites4magicians we rank #4 (this is our competitors name)

magician press kits we rank # 7

magician demo reels we rank #5

We are not dominating yet, but not bad for five days into launch.

If you are a magician and have the time could you shoot us an email at and let us know what keyword phrases you would use to search for help on marketing your show.

We will give you a free prize if you do.